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Coaches are here To Help Your child Succeed, now we can also help them!!! They provide our children with.


Physical Education

Developing your child’s physical health.


Mental/Psychological Tools

Mental readiness, teaching swimmers how to cope with stressful situations in and out of the water. Coping with winning and losing…..

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Ongoing Education

Constantly bettering themselves to give the swimmers the best opportunities to succeed.

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  • WCA (Western Cape Aquatics) is the custodian of all aquatic sport in the Western Cape Province of South Africa, Diving, Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Synchronised (Artistic) swimming, and Water polo falls under our umbrella.
  • The effect of COVID 19 on our Sport has had a devastating effect on the future of aquatics. Club swimming, the main feeding ground for our future and developing of athletes, are in danger of being destroyed by the pandemic, the main reason for this is the fact that many of our coaches have experienced a total loss of income due to the lockdown, Club coaches are solely dependent on coaching fees for a living. With the lockdown of the past months, their income has been reduced to zero. This, in turn, has a knock-on effect as these coaches are forced to close down their clubs and look for other avenues of income. This, in turn, will be disastrous for the development of our sport throughout South Africa from the grassroots level to possible future Olympic contenders.
  • WCA has identified and put in place conditions to identify coaches in the Western Cape that desperately need funds to survive and keep our club structure alive and as such keep Aquatics alive in the Western Cape for future generations. All funds collected will be distributed to these individuals to save the future of Aquatics in our province.
  • Children that swim at all levels will benefit from this fund as the coaches will have the ability to continue with their trade and be ready to continue with their passionate work when swimmers are allowed to return to training.

Western Cape Coaches that qualify for relief must have the following in place!!!

  • A Swimming coach must have been registered as a Level 1 (or higher) coach at a club in the 2019/2020 season or must have completed the level 1 coaching course and submitted their paperwork to SSA by 1 March 2020.
  • The swimming coach must have swimmers that take part at a district or provincial galas (proof should be offered if requested)
  • The primary source of income must be through club coaching fees
  • Professional Swimming Club Coaches give up many hours of their family time by attending galas and investing in the growth of their swimmers.
  • Club Swimming coaches have many additional expenses to cover, such as annual registration fees, costs of courses to ensure CPD points, Cost of annual CPR training, Cost of annual Police Clearance Certificate.
  • All the aforementioned items listed are done to ensure the highest levels of competence to enrich, develop and improve their swimmers and for the safety for their swimmers.

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