10+ proven strategies to recruit volunteers for nonprofits

You may be able to speak to them about volunteering, or put your ad in their newsletters. Setting up a display and meeting people at volunteer fairs and community events is also a good way to meet new prospective volunteers. Answering these questions beforehand will help create clarity and make sure volunteers feel valued, engaged, and supported right from the start. Clarity will drastically simplify the recruitment and volunteer management process. You can conduct comprehensive orientation and onboarding sessions to welcome new volunteers, provide training for specific roles, and provide opportunities for continuous learning.

Attend your local community events and fairs so that you can display information about your organization’s mission and volunteer opportunities. Engage visitors by sharing impactful success stories and collect contact details from interested individuals. Using online tools and software for knowledge transfer can be an immense help to ensure your volunteers have a positive onboarding and training experience. Asking your volunteers to help you in your volunteer recruitment efforts can also provide valuable insight into your current volunteers’ experience. Your nonprofit’s staff and board members may have key connections within the community who would like to get involved with your nonprofit. By leveraging these relationships, you’ll be able to promote volunteering opportunities beyond your existing audience.

Publicly recognizing volunteers will make them feel proud of their own accomplishments. A sense of belonging and a community go a very long way in creating a positive and enjoyable atmosphere that volunteers will want to keep coming back to. The Donorbox + POINT integration is the perfect pairing to help you recruit volunteers and convert more of them into donors.

  1. One way you can encourage them to do so is to invite them to work on event committees.
  2. Plus, you have the option to enhance the appeal of your form by incorporating images.
  3. City officials like city council members or the city manager can be excellent resources for helping you with volunteer recruitment.
  4. A fun way to engage potential volunteers is to run a promotion where people can enter to win prizes for volunteering their time or services.

Volunteer opportunities can offer valuable experiences which may benefit their career, or the person is just eager to make a difference in their community. Once the needs have been identified and how to recruit volunteers for a non profit organization the position description created, the next step is to start the recruitment process! Communications can be done via the organization’s website, blog, social media, and networking platforms.

Many organizations rely on volunteers to assist with special events or daily operations which their paid staff need help to carry out. However, recruiting, organizing, and supervising volunteers requires a solid action plan. Recruiting high-quality supporters is essential to your nonprofit’s long-term success. By creating a memorable and rewarding experience for all of your volunteers, you’ll be able to build a strong, loyal volunteer base that sustains your organization into the future. By advertising your nonprofit’s volunteer opportunities online, you ensure that potential volunteers can learn about your open positions and explore all the relevant details to start contributing. Consider offering benefits such as free branded merchandise or social media shoutouts to further incentivize your current volunteers to spread the word.

Be sure to post regularly and interact with people who express interest in volunteering. There are many ways for nonprofits to be creative in their volunteer recruitment efforts. Some of these include creating a volunteer position wish list, getting personalized volunteer recommendations, developing an online volunteer portal, and reaching out to local businesses.

Simplify and grow your fundraising

After that, by sharing the form’s link across your organization’s social media platforms, you can extend your reach, attracting a larger audience and garnering more volunteer applications. Having a large number of volunteers is advantageous for non-profit organizations. However, turning everyone into a volunteer may disrupt the functionality of your organization. Therefore, it is essential to prepare a well-crafted form for your volunteer recruitment because it can make your nonprofit organization more effective. It’s easy to focus on your organizational needs, but this cannot be the central story of your volunteer recruitment efforts. ” may be true, but it doesn’t make the most compelling call for volunteering.

How to Attract and Recruit Volunteers for Your Nonprofit Organization

Having a written job description will also help with the onboarding of the volunteer(s) when the time comes. Americorps publishes a report on American volunteering, including demographic breakdowns such as by gender and generation. The value of volunteer time is calculated hourly and by state each year (Independent Sector and DoGood Institute). However, to retain your volunteers you have to foster a good relationship with them and increase volunteer satisfaction and engagement. Remember, the purpose of volunteer orientation is to welcome and inform the new volunteers.

Develop a Social Media Strategy

Periodically (for example, at the end of each year), you can conduct a survey to measure their satisfaction and gather their opinions about your organization. Forms.app provides a range of manual customization features and pre-designed themes, allowing you to change your https://simple-accounting.org/ form’s visual style and design according to your preferences. Plus, you have the option to enhance the appeal of your form by incorporating images. Last but not least, retaining your existing volunteers is as important for your organization as acquiring new ones.

Reach out to former volunteers.

It’s worth it to make sure you aren’t offending or otherwise giving prospective volunteers a negative experience before they even get to you. Don’t underestimate the power of a form that won’t load, a cold-sounding receptionist, or an unreturned phone call to turn a volunteer off from your organization forever. This call for volunteers focuses on making a huge difference, having fun, and creating a lifetime of change – all benefits to prospective volunteers. Plus, the emotional appeal in the short opening line really draws you in to learn more about how you might be able to do something about the problem. Developing a volunteer network can boost your organization’s success immensely. Volunteers help save money and time and are also often the heart and soul of an organization.

Your volunteers might need computers, phones, or other material resources to execute their roles well. Prepare everything the volunteers will need to successfully execute their roles. Each call to action should link to a separate volunteer registration or sign-up page. If you are using volunteer management software, you can lead your volunteers directly to your opportunities pages. They need to feel valued and appreciated, and they need to feel that their work has meaning. While fundraising is necessary to keep the doors open, volunteers can be an invaluable resource for organizations of all sizes.

If someone has a positive experience doing a small volunteer assignment for your organization, they may consider getting more involved in the future. Peer-to-peer fundraising is another great way for volunteers to get involved with your organization. Raising money to support your cause can be done on their own schedules, within their own networks, while still connecting to your organization. Raising money can also offer volunteers a very tangible way to see the impact of their help.

Be sure to publicize your event through social media, flyers, and word-of-mouth so people know when and where it’s happening. One way to be more creative in your volunteer recruitment is to develop a wish list of sorts for the types of positions you’d like to fill. This helps you get specific about the skills and traits you are looking for in volunteers.

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