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Charting Inflation: A Look at the CRB Index Chart Equedia Investment Research

So far, many people have yet to return to work and re-establish their regular routines. Over the past 18 months, emphasis has been on simple existence, savings, and, perhaps for the bored millennials, online trading. Regular EQUEDIA readers understand that we like to use long-time intervals when we look at charts. The weekly chart shows […]

Trading WTI West Texas Intermediate

It is actually a type of crude oil used by the economists as a standard value to determine the crude oil price as a commodity on the exchange markets, within the framework of futures contracts. This quotation is priced on the New York Mercantile Exchange, which is the principal world commodities exchange. Unlike Brent […]

Today’s Oil Price: Brent Crude & WTI Oil Prices Today

Please read the Risk Disclosure Statement for Futures and Options prior to trading futures products. A surge of WTI production has led many traders to consider it an important pricing benchmark vs. Brent, if not even close to difference between data and insights the total production of the latter. But all geopolitical current events in connection […]

Business Consolidation: Definition, How It Works, and Example

Notwithstanding the generally positive revenue synergies in complementary product–market combinations, the sales and marketing synergies in consolidation plays often turn negative due to revenue losses. Unlike cost synergies, which are under the control of the merging companies, revenue synergies are ultimately under the control of the customer. Again, superior marketing skills are required to derive […]

Industry Consolidation: Why and When Does it Happen?

While both are financial strategies for improving and managing your debt load, there are distinct differences in how these two resolve your debt. Consolidations are like compression springs — the longer and stronger you compress it, the more violent it will expand when it is eventually released. The tighter a consolidation is and the longer […]

Trend Line in Math Definition, Formula & Graphs Lesson

By incorporating trendlines into their trading strategies and continually learning and improving, traders can gain an edge in the market and make more informed trading decisions. Trendlines can be used to identify support and resistance, which can be used as part of a trading strategy. In an uptrend, the trendline acts as a support level, […]

Trendline: What It Is, How To Use It in Investing, With Examples

It is not constructed by simply connecting points, but rather it is constructed to determine whether or not there is a pattern. A trend line is a line that minimizes the distance between each point in a scatter plot and the line itself. There are positive trend lines (the values of the variables rise and […]

Correlation: Meaning, Strength, and Examples

The type of correlation coefficient to use is generally chosen based on the properties of the data and ease of calculation. Kinds of correlation coefficients include polychoric, Spearman, and Pearson correlation coefficients. You should use the Pearson correlation coefficient when (1) the relationship is linear and (2) both variables are quantitative and (3) normally distributed […]